iPhone 5 wallpapers were probably the reason why you have reached this webpage, and that's what you will find, wallpapers for iPhone 5 smartphones! This was the first iPhone which has a 5th icons row and which is therefore using a 71:40 aspect ratio for the first time. Enjoy these iPhone 5 wallpapers!
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iPhone 5 wallpapers Sports

Colorado Rockies iPhone 5 wallpapers
a Colorado Rockies wallpaper for iPhones
Houston Astros iPhone 5 wallpapers
A Houston astros wallpaper for iPhone
LSU Tigers iPhone 5 wallpapers
the wild LSU Tigers in a baseball wallpaper for iPhone
Oakland Raiders iPhone 5 wallpapers
The tough looking logo of the Oakland Raiders as iPhone 5 Wallpaper
Boston Red Sox iPhone 5 wallpapers
a MLB iPhone wallpaper for fans of the Boston Red Sox baseball team
Pittsburg Pirates iPhone 5 wallpapers
a Pittsburg Pirates iPhone 5 Wallpaper for all those who love this fantastic sport: Baseball!
Uconn huskies iPhone 5 wallpapers
Get the cold shivers after installing this UCONN Huskies iPhone wallpaper
New York Yankees iPhone 5 wallpapers
Looking for Wallpapers for iPhone 5 devices featuring the logo of the New York Yankees Baseball team? You just found the wallpaper you are looking for!

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